Dawn J. Post, Esq.

Counselor | Mediator | Litigator

Areas of Practice


  • Child Custody and Parenting Time
  • Guardianship and Adoption
  • Grandparent and Sibling Visitation
  • ACS Involvement & Child Protection
  • Family Offense
  • Appellate

Dawn is an experienced and passionate trial attorney.

Impact Litigation

As the Deputy Director of A Better Childhood, Dawn developed on-the-ground expertise at identifying issues and using impact litigation to effectuate change and hold state child welfare systems accountable.

Family Law

As the co-borough director of the Children’s Law Center, Dawn provided legal and managerial leadership for the Brooklyn trial office, monitored and maintained high standards of representation to over 2500 children in guardianship, custody, visitation, orders of protection, and related child protective cases.

Child Protection

As an Assistant Attorney-in-Charge of the Brooklyn Office of the Legal Aid Society Juvenile Rights Prac tice, Dawn worked with leadership in the overall administration of the office and oversight of staff members representing children in child protective, delinquency, and related custody/visitation cases.

Legal Approach


Dawn’s philosophy is that there is no winner in family court proceedings. Dawn’s extensive experience leading attorney for the child programs in one of the busiest Family Courts in the country, and expertise handling high conflict cases, places her in a unique position to work with you.


Featured Publications and Areas of Focus


  • Broken Adoptions/Adoption Subsidy Misuse
  • Post-Adoption Sibling Visitation
  • Management/Empathic Exhaustion in the Legal Services Workplace
  • High Conflict Custody/Visitation
  • Systemic Improvement
  • Youth Voice

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